Sled Hockey is a Second Chance at Life

Veterans Day 2018 - Fox 21 News Story

Our Program


Who We Are

We are an all veteran team that encourages veterans with disabilities to get out into the community and work together to overcome physical and mental barriers on and off the ice. The Warrior Avs Sled Hockey Team is an affiliate of Colorado Sled Hockey, the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation, and the Colorado Avalanche. The team is for veterans of all ages with service connected or non-service connected injuries. 

Colorado Sled Hockey is a 501 (c)(3) organization. 


Passions and Beliefs

 Our program promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all team members. Our players have a variety of physical injuries, and many were sidelined with pain and depression. Being part of a team again has given players the motivation to improve their core body strength and balance, decrease pain, and has opened up a world of opportunity through sports and other activities.


Our Mission

The Warrior Avs strive to build a community of support, improving the quality of life for Veterans with disabilities by promoting good physical, emotional and mental wellbeing through sled hockey. Our goal is to advocate for the sport of Sled Hockey in order to make it more available for every man, woman, and Child. 

Hockey is For Everyone!

Our Partners