Latseen Benson # 13 Captain

Sled Hockey gives me an outlet, a sense of camaraderie in a team environment that has been missing since I was retired from the Military. To be sincere, this has been the only team that has filled that void.

Jason Shepperly # 3 Assistant Captain

The Warrior Avalanche has changed my outlook on life. I used to think no one cared. I was so depressed, stuck on the couch and sleeping til noon. Being part of a team and playing such an exciting game brought me out of the rut that I was in and not have gone back since.

Cory Myers # 17 Assistant Captain


Playing sled hockey has created a sense of camaraderie that I lost once I was released from the hospital. It allowed me to become part of a team again; with those around me that understood my injuries and issues. It has given me something to take my mind off of my demons that invade my head; gives me a sense of purpose. 

Josh Robistow # 99

Sled Hockey has brought back the camaraderie of the military and brotherhood. It gets me out of the house and doing more physical stuff. I missed being a part of a team until now with sled hockey. 

Jerry DeVaul # 26

Sled Hockey has given me the opportunity to connect with other Veterans and once again go to battle with some of the toughest men and women after separating from the Army. It has also given me the opportunity to help better our organization to allow us to travel and compete. It has allowed me to give not only myself but other Veterans a purpose in life. 

John Reid # 31

Sled Hockey has given my life a lot of purpose, one of the most difficult things that I struggled with when separating from the Marine Corps was losing that camaraderie and brotherhood. Sled Hockey has allowed me to rekindle some of that with my team and has even helped me connect with Veterans on other teams as well. Sled Hockey is therapeutic to me, I live almost 2 hours away from where we practice and it's worth it every time just to get some ice time with my team. 

Michelle Clodfelter # 81

After my hip, lower back, and neck issues got worse, I was no longer able to play rugby. I sought for years a replacement sport that gave the same level of camaraderie and yet physical play. Sled hockey with this team has given me both and stress relief to demanding job and life as a single mother of competitive athletes. 

Orlinda Marquez # 25

Sled Hockey had been therapy on the ice. It gives me the opportunity to be a part of something outside of myself. Sled hockey gets me out of my house and off the recliner at least once a week during the Winter months. 

Travis Perkins # 5

A good friend who plays sled hockey with a team of Veterans who were wounded while deployed invited me to tryout. I was pretty nervous the first few practices. After the first game all nervousness was gone. The men and women on this team make it really easy to fit in. We all have a common bond, we all served in the Military. I feel like the camaraderie is one that no other team has. We are like Family. Playing as one of the able body players on the team I am inspired, humbled, and motivated by the dedication and drive these players have. I only wish I would have been playing with this team longer than I have I plan on playing as long as they will have me. I thank these Warriors for welcoming me and bringing such positivity to me and my families life. 

Conor Peck # 10

For me, sled hockey has showed me that it is going to be alright. That the injury isn't all that bad. It's not a team, it's a family.

Matt Spang # 29

Sled hockey has kept me interacting with other injured Veterans and it helps me get out of the house when I'm depressed. Sled hockey keeps me in shape and I have to think about what I eat and at least try to eat healthier than i normally would. 

Trevor Hunter # 30

It has brought me more self esteem, confidence in my ability to strive to be better. Brought me together with a community of Veterans who have taught me so much about the sport and about character. I also have fun, a purpose, which before was a major downfall throughout life. I thought my accident was the end of physical sports for me and I have found that with Sled Hockey and the Colorado Avalanche team, I can continue to be myself while playing the sport I love with an amazing group of heroes. 

Glen Carter # 33

After my amputation, I made the decision to help people, ESPECIALLY Veterans in my situation to answer questions about the unknown future they face. Being on this team is a dream come true and is a way to begin fulfilling my goal/dream of helping others. Being a Warrior Av has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

Elaine Perkins # 9

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Dan Hendrix #71

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Ty Dejane #69

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Coach Paul Davern

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Zach Rogge #88

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