Burgundy VS White

2016 Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series Game Coors Field 

About Us

Who We Are


The Colorado Sled Hockey Warriors are an  affiliate of Colorado Sled Hockey, Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation and the Colorado Avalanche. 

We are a nonprofit organization under a 501c(3). The team is for Veterans of all ages with service connected or non-service connected injuries. Our team encourages Veterans with disabilities to get back out into the community and work together to overcome physical and mental barriers out on the ice.  

Passions and Beliefs

 Our passion is to serve those who have served and be able to give them a space to once again band together to fight for a common purpose. We get Veterans off the couch and into a physical activity with other Veterans and volunteers are encouraged to join in all the time. Our belief is to get Veterans to be able to once again play in a physical sport which contain no barriers and aid to a healthier overall well-being for a better quality of life. 

Service Offerings: What and How

We create a purpose through the sport of sled hockey as it promotes team building and camaraderie by competing as a team with a common goal. We support one another in each other’s life events and support other Veterans as well. Our team serves those that have served and periodically holds clinics for Veterans.

Some of our past clinics include.....

--Stars Program, Steamboat Springs, CO

--Team Semper Fi, Colorado Springs, CO

Our Partners